Top 3 Shopify Apps that You Can Integrate with Your Facebook Page

Selling products today on Facebook is what every business is doing. However, you need to know that there is a better way. Instead of posting and sharing all the time, you need to know that you can use Shopify Apps to ease your workload. Shopify has simplified Facebook selling processes, and you can always use the numerous apps they have. Note that these apps are designed to suit specific types of Facebook sales process. The most commonly Shopify apps integrated with Facebook include;

  • Facebook store

This app allows you to sell and share your products directly on Facebook. It also makes it easy for customers to share their favorite products with their friends hence increasing your customer reach. This is one of the Apps that is a must-have if you want to promote and sell your products on Facebook fully. Apart from reaching out to more customers, you are most likely to attract more likes for your page.

  • Social media stream

This application allows you to showcase your products on Facebook and other social media platforms. This way, you can gain more followers to your page hence improved sales. The higher the number of Facebook followers, the better for your business. This is because only people interested in your products are most likely to follow your Facebook page. If you are keen enough about Facebookers, people tend to trust pages with more likes, and that is why a substantial following is essential for your page. Other brands and businesses can also find an advantage of working with you. This means that apart from customers, you have a shot at working with other businesses.

  • Yotpo

This application enables you to generate reviews of your products. After this, you can easily share the reviews on Facebook and other social media platforms. Product reviews play a crucial role in building the reputation of your products. Through these reviews, customers are influenced either to buy or not to buy. It’s, therefore, crucial that you ensure your customers are always satisfied. Negative reviews are very risky, and customers are never shy to share them if they are not happy.


Everything has been done for you as far as selling products on Facebook is concerned thank to Shopify. You are however required to hold your end of the business deal by ensuring that you provide quality products for your customers.

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