Why Online Shopping And Social Media Should Go Along Together?

Social media has always been there whether you want to skyrocket your sales or market your product. Lately, some studies suggest that approximately 87% of buyers seek help from Facebook to make their purchasing decisions; however, they are not buying directly via social platforms.

There are many ways to sell products on Facebook. But here, we are talking about those which should be helping to bridge the gap between ecommerce website and social media.

Online Facebook store

Share your store collections

Brands can do a lot by merging ecommerce with Facebook. For instance, Shopify offers various useful tools and apps that allow you to integrate ecommerce store on Facebook. Even, sellers get the edge to create a Shop section to their business page where they can showcase products with their pricing. Being a retailer, you can share your store collections to Facebook. This will help your customers to find more about your brand.

Merchandise your products

Apart from it, putting the best images of your product is essential to get visitor’s attention. Never compromise on quality of product images. Make sure you tag your photos and point up your best sellers on Facebook. This would depict that how much you value your customers. The more you engage with your customers, the more your business will grow.

Facebook Ad Guru

You can use this tool to discover new shoppers, jump-start the sales and build a strong bond with customers. The app has a smart analytics engine that allows retailers to track the results and reach the buyers on the fence. Store owners don’t need to spend hours optimizing Facebook ads. Instead, the app can use deep user insights and thus saves you time and effort.

Choice of an Ecommerce Platform Matters!

To sell products on Facebook, you should choose an ecommerce platform which enables you to integrate. Just imagine how many people use Facebook on regular basis and spend their time on it. If you can show what you are selling, it can assist you to streamline your business. Shopify and BigCommerce are the best ecommerce solutions provider that offers integration of your ecommerce store with Facebook at just few clicks.


Selling on Facebook has never been easier than it is now. Thanks to ecommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce, which has made social media a part of multichannel ecommerce strategy. Hopefully, this trend will continue to grow more. Rather than questioning, retailers should look at the positives and try to adapt to it.

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