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The Best Examples of Facebook Shop by Shopify

Facebook Shop by Shopify

What is a Shopify Facebook online store? What are the benefits of running a Shopify Facebook online store? What are the best examples of the Facebook shop by Shopify? Read and find out!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with a Shopify Facebook store, it is an online store that runs on Facebook and it is directly powered by Shopify. Wondering how Facebook (one of the most popular social media platforms) and Shopify (one of the most popular ecommerce platforms) can be a great combination for selling on the web?

With the cheapest ecommerce plan Shopify offers – Shopify Lite that costs $9 a month, you can add an online store to your Facebook page and start selling on Facebook. By building such an online store, you can avoid the costs of opening a store from scratch and investing in expensive ecommerce solutions and products. Again, we suppose you are wondering why someone will want to subscribe to Shopify when Facebook allows for you to add an online store to your facebook page?

Well, if you check in the App Store, you will realize that the Facebook Store App costs $19.9 a month and the configuration and the setup process is not so easy and simple. When you sell via ecommerce solution Shopify, you will take advantage of all the goodness of the platform.

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The benefits of having your own Shopify Facebook store are numerous. You will have the ability to sell unlimited products, orders and shipping management, support for 70+ payment gateways, secure and responsive checkout experience, global tax and currency support, sales tracking and reporting, increase brand awareness with Facebook indicators such as promotions, likes, shares, and more, and reduce the expenses and time of setting up an online store from scratch.


Having a Shopify Facebook store will help you with the overall business strategy. Shopify Lite gives you access to “Buy Button” option. With this option, you can add a buy button to a host of places, including your website. If you are running your own blog and would like to allow your readers to purchase from it, don’t worry about a thing as Shopify Lite will cover you.

We have some great examples of Facebook Shopify stores to share with you. One of our favorites BestSelf.co runs a great Facebook shop by Shopify.


Putting your products for sale on Facebook and promoting them on social media weaves a lot of means of engagement into the buying process. When a Facebook user clicks on one of your products, they can share the product with their friends, like the products, save it for later or leave a comment about any product they want.

If these products were on your Shopify store, most of these activities would require the users to sign up. However, inside Facebook, they are logged in to their Facebook accounts and no extra steps are necessary for them to do.

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They can also add the product to their shopping carts. For completing the rest of the checkout process, you can bring the visitor to your online store or website or allow the user to complete the checkout process via the Facebook platform. In this case, BestSelfCo, takes the visitors to the website where they can complete the purchase.

YourStandingDesk.com is just another example we would like to share with you. They use Shopify platform to run his Facebook store and they prefer their users to complete the buying process through the Facebook shop.


Facebook Shop by Shopify